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The Criminal King

Ladon just wants to be a knight, but was forced to turn to a life of crime to support his family. His skills are unmatched when it comes to stealth… More specifically, thievery, but after one decision, he takes on the path of becoming the prophesied Criminal King. Can he clear his name, convince everyone that he is not the infamous Criminal King, or will he fulfill the prophecy.

The Glove

A teen boy, with autistic qualities and learning disabilities, puts on a mysterious glove that grants him strange powers. Thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, he is forced to learn about himself, his new abilities, and the universe around him in order to survive. 


The Best That We Can Be

We are a team of passionate, hard-working, chill human beings who enjoy working together driven by a common goal: “To be the best that we can be in bringing forth the best art form we can offer.”

In everything that we do, we seek to tell engaging stories, create compelling experiences that we, ourselves, would enjoy, and deliver entertainment that serves as compulsive pastimes.

With these three pillars as our foundation, we invite you to sail with us toward the sunset and enter the world of Dusk Wave Arts.

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We are always out and about talking all things Dusk Wave Arts.  Check back here often to see what events we are at, what podcasts we’ll be talking on and, most importantly, to learn more about allour projects.

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