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Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity
Jun. 24, 2024

We are Dusk Wave Arts (DWA), an in-art studio built by a diverse team of creatives and dreamers bustling with inspiring stories to share. We self-produced digital comic books and are an indie game development team. Here at Dusk Wave Arts, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity fuels us to remain grounded and connected anywhere in the world. It is at the heart of every narrative we make because the story we need to share is the importance of celebrating our differences and consistently empowering each other to succeed.  

Our Team comes from different cultures, talents, perspectives, and personalities, all banding together to advocate for the important conversations to have-neurodivergence, being authentic to yourself, and so much more, in website games and digital comic books designed to entertain you. As we produce digital comic books in Dusk Wave Arts, we want to ensure that our readers have an easier time immersing in the story and give you the autonomy to direct your own reading experience. We believe the best way to read digital comics is when you are in charge! That’s why we also have audio packs included in each issue, so you can bring out life on every page.

Imagine you’re in a room full of people who truly align with your passion and advocacy in life – that’s how I felt when I was first introduced to DWA. At first, I was drawn to the passion for art and curious about the technology that breathes life in these designs, but then I was sold on their commitment to advocating for neurodivergence. I believe using your voice and talents to advocate for others is a must – and to band with like-minded folks who prioritize being a part of positive change in society is an opportunity I do not want to miss.

The equity that exists in DWA is what enables us to be confident in our expertise because each member is heard and valued as a member of the Team, cheered on through challenges, and celebrated with every win. That feeling hasn’t changed for me now I’m a part of the Team, but I’ve just grown prouder of what we stand for and what we have in store for you (Yes, you!) soon. We can’t wait for you to meet our brave champions, each battling injustice in their own heroic way.

We’re very proud to say that our commitment to our values and advocacy kept us moving forward as an organization for the past 10 years. We hope that each step forward brings us to the future that we want to make, for the people we want to be. We will continue to trudge along this path, and we hope you share this journey with us as we welcome the next decade of Dusk Wave Arts.

Remember to check out the rest of the Dusk Wave Arts website and stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming games and digital comic books!

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